Mike Evans

the Great Salt Lake

Reflections on the Great Salt Lake.

captive flower study

night time fog

playing with low contrast

filaree flat winter evening

under pine trees after snow


small stream

A small stream in winter.

winter field

ocotillo with stars

Night in Joshua Tree National Park. With aircraft and glow from distant city.

peeking into the uncanny valley


At the end of the road

Traveling through the Namibian desert

Sunrise on a small tree

above the clouds


revisiting a location has revealed a change

overcast flatiron

moving on


Chicago B&W

Chicago after sunset

Vodou Tree

In a cemetery in Haiti. This tree is used in many Vodou ceremonies. A couple of dolls have been attached to the trunk by the local Houngan.

The last one

palms in grey

Palm tree farm.

Trees on a foggy morning

Tree with Stars

Night in the desert

Winter woods

Walking in the woods on a cold day.